Ironman Swim Goggles Nest Pro Nano Swim Goggles PS5500

Ironman Swim Goggles Nest Pro Nano Swim Goggles PS5500

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Nest Pro Nano Swim Goggles Description

The POQSWIM Predator Flex Mirror Goggles is made to complement the active swimmer with narrower faces. Its innovative 4-Flex frame technology allows each eyecup to move independently to provide maximum comfort. The curved lens technology offers a 180-degree undistorted peripheral vision to maximize the view under water. With the fogbuster anti-fog coating, it ensures clear vision for longer hours. Its mirrored Italian lenses make it perfect for open water swimming by eliminating the glare on the surface of the water. The silicone construction makes it lightweight and ideal for frequent use. It also provides protection to your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays. The Split Silicone strap fits perfectly over the crown of your head. It features durable polycarbonate lenses that can be used for a long time, giving you more value for your money. The quick adjust system enables you to quickly and easily tighten the goggles just by pulling the two straps together. If you are looking for goggles that will optimize your swimming performance in open water, use the POQSWIM Predator Flex Mirror Goggles.

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