Poqswim Seamless and Wrinkle Free Silicone Solid Swim Cap

Poqswim Seamless and Wrinkle Free Silicone Solid Swim Cap

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1.Seamless caps with Snug Fit and Wrinkle free
2.Solid-color silicone swim cap fit for everybody
3.it is very comfortable to wear. We are professional manufacturer in producing swim caps so we do know how to produce the most durable swim caps adopting the most economical technique. We only produce 100% Premium Silicone swim cap!
4.Snug Fit and Wrinkle free. This swim cap is designed according humans¡¯ head shape which make it fit almost all kinds of heads. You would find the surface very smooth after putting this cap on without dragging your hair, which helps to reduce the water resistance and increase speed when swimming.
5.Lightweight and Super Soft. It is a professional swim cap and it has very good waterproofness and heat preservation. Never feel breathless when swimming with Whale Swim Cap! We suggest you keep the cap dry before you put it on, which would make it hold well. Easy on, easy off. It does go on slickly without pulling your hair as long as you put it on properly.

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